The Book of the Moon
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Medicine. Madness, Werewolves and Science

Astrology is the oldest intellectual discipline in the world. It was taught and treated with great respect until the middle of the seventeenth century. In the seventeenth century Nicholas Culpepper asserted that 'physics without astrology is like a lamp without oil'. For the medical astrologer the moon was of great importance. For thousands of years the light of the moon lit the dark corners of medicine. In the eighteenth century came the enlightenment and the power of astrology faded. But, while moon's power over medicine waned it did not go away. There are many today who believe that the moon plays an important part in our health.
The four humours
The four humours, the basis of medicine from Ancient Greece
until the 18th century. The humours were affected by the moon.
This chapter tells the story of the part the moon played in the development of scientific thought. The story starts in ancient Greece and Rome and takes us to the present day via the world of Islam and medieval Europe. The Greek doctor Hippocrates rubs shoulders with Sir Isaac Newton. The chapter describes the myth of the werewolf, disentangling fact from fiction. It questions the popular assumptions about what the moon does and does not do, for instance the claims that women menstruate according to a lunar cycle or that the full moon is linked to violence in prisons and mental hospitals. The chapter describes how the moon may have played a vital part in the development of life itself and tells of some of the life forms like the Palolo Worm who really does seem to live a moon struck life.

Medicine, Madness, Werewolves and Science describes and disentangles the fascinating facts, myths and superstitions about the moon that have been woven into the history of science and medicine since mankind first began to make records.
Book Contents
1. Astronauts, cosmonauts and lunar exploration

2. Astronomers and mapping

3. Facts and figures

4. Gardening and the weather

5. Gods and myths

6. Magic, the occult, astrology, alchemy, prophecy, fortune telling, spells and superstition

7. Medicine, madness, werewolves and science

8. Miscellany. Fascinating facts about the moon in our life and culture
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